Manage Drivers + Lower Premiums

For the first time, you can manage your drivers and insurance premiums all in one program.


Our Fleet Safety Telematics now provides you a fleet management program at no-charge with our business auto insurance coverage.


Get a demo to see how you will improve driver safety and earn lower premiums.


Get information on our Commercial Auto + Telematics Insurance program!

Locate the employees closest to your customer to deliver the fastest response possible!

Know where your vehicles are

Think you're paying too much for commercial auto insurance?
You're probably right.

Stop being lumped in with bad drivers

Richie Buchanan

Richie Buchanan

Telematics + Insurance Expert

I'm Richie Buchanan, your personal

If you want to improve driver safety and get lower insurance premiums, you must have fleet telematics!


Knowing your driver scores, you will:

  • Reduce risky driving behavior
  • Improve fleet safety
  • Plus, earn 10% insurance premium discount up-front.


Here's your steps:


  1.  Schedule a demo
  2.  Provide your vehicle & driver schedule
  3.  On-boarding (training & implementation)


Let's do this!  Schedule your demo today.

Got telematics?

If not, you are probably paying 10% - 20% too much for your commercial auto insurance.

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